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Henan company's innovative high-speed rail solenoid valve electromagnet was granted a utility model patent

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It is reported that a high-speed iron solenoid valve electromagnet independently developed by a science and technology company in Henan Province has recently obtained the utility model patent authorization from the State Intellectual Property Office. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Commission of industry and commerce that the independent innovation of Zhengzhou high-speed railway independent solenoid valve electromagnet was authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office utility model patent, which will replace the imported high-speed railway locomotive. The product has the advantages of small starting voltage, long service life and good sealing performance. Its performance is better than similar imported solenoid valve products, and has been tested by high-speed railway loading. High speed railway solenoid valve is the high voltage circuit switch system of air contactor on high speed railway locomotive. As the first solenoid valve of the switchgear, it controls the opening or closing of the high voltage circuit. Before that, China's high-speed railway locomotives used imported solenoid valve products.